Call for Papers Guidelines

The VueConf.US 2022 call for proposals is now open!

Before submitting a talk, please review these guidelines.

  • The conference will be in Fort Lauderdale on June 8-10, 2022.

  • Workshop day is June 8 & main conference days are June 9 and 10.

  • The deadline is February 28!

  • Rejection notices will go out on March 15

We look forward to reviewing your submissions!

Please take a moment to read this guidelines

  • Once you've signed up on the CFP site, click 'Create New Event'.
  • Select the topic area accordingly in the CFP system:
    • Vue.js Fundamentals
    • Vue.js In Practice
    • Web/HTML/CSS
    • Vue on Mobile, Mobile Web & PWAs
    • Design & UI & UX
    • Tools, Testing
  • Presentations are 30 mins. Break apart longer sessions into PARTS I, II, etc.
  • Please ask your company if they can cover your travel/hotel first. Please mark accordingly if you need the conf to provide travel/hotel (see below).
  • Do not change your "cover travel/hotel" selection once your session has been accepted. We get a notification when this flag has been flipped, and we will re-evaluate your acceptance! If you need to change this flag, please email us first!
  • Please email hello@VueConf.US if you have any questions.
  • Read the VueConf.US Code Of Conduct Here

Instructions for the Call for Papers Application

Step 1

While creating your profile, be sure to fill in these sections.

Step 2

This CFP system calls a presentation/session an EVENT. Create a new one for each of your proposed talks.

Step 3

Set Event Type to lecture. Be sure to pick the correct topic area/track also.

Step 4

Finally, set your availability for presenting. We can not guarantee we will be able to fit your availability, but we'll do our best.